Active Transportation Committee

The MAG Active Transportation Committee is composed of representatives from MAG member agencies, Valley Metro and the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists as well as members of the landscape architecture and public health community. The committee annually recommends projects for funding, including through the MAG Design Assistance Program and the MAG Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans and First Time Updates program. The committee focuses on meaningful implementation by recommending bicycle and pedestrian projects for funding as well as activities to inform the region about the benefits of biking and walking—and the importance of connections to transit—to foster mobility through a regionally-significant active transportation system.

Applications for FY 2018 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans and First Time Updates On-Call

Planning Assistance Scoring Sheet

FY 2018 Application - Design Assistance Projects

Design Assistance Scoring Sheet

If you have any questions, or require any additional information, please contact Jason Stephens at the MAG office at 602-452-5004 or by email using the contact section on the left.

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