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The Communications Division helps keep residents informed on regional issues and MAG initiatives, with a primary goal of ensuring public participation in MAG plans, policies, and programs.  Public input is extremely important to our decision makers, and we want to ensure that all residents have a voice in the process. Our public involvement policies are outlined in the MAG Public Participation Plan. MAG allows for public input at all of its technical and policy committee meetings, and we encourage residents to sign up for automatic delivery of our newsletters, meeting agendas, and project communications.  Look for the red envelope icon on pages of interest.

Among the ways we provide outreach is by traveling throughout the community hosting information booths or providing presentations to small or large groups.  We produce a quarterly newsletter, MAGAZine, which provides readers with current news and activities and in-depth coverage of issues of interest.  MAG also produces a monthly Regional Council Activity Report summarizing Regional Council meetings and a monthly Let’s Keep Moving e-mail update of our Transportation Policy Committee activities. Many other divisions also produce newsletters and publications of interest to the public and can be accessed through the specific divisional and project pages on this website.  To schedule a presentation for your group or meeting, or to be added to our public involvement mailing list, please contact our public involvement staff, or call the MAG office at 602-254-6300.

Among the objectives of the MAG public involvement program are to provide complete information and full access to key decisions by all segments of the population, with special consideration to minority populations and disadvantaged populations such as low income, elderly and disabled individuals. Materials may be provided in Spanish on request. MAG has a robust disability outreach program and persons with disabilities may request special accommodation at MAG meetings, including materials in alternative formats such as large print or Braille.

MAG Video Outreach Program

To help communicate MAG’s roles and responsibilities in the region and to encourage public participation in the development of MAG plans and programs, MAG has also created a video outreach program. Video segments covering a variety of issues are distributed to city cable channels and other broadcast outlets in order to reach the broadest possible community. You can watch these videos on the Web by clicking on the links below.

Joint Planning Advisory Council (JPAC)

MAG's 50th Anniversary Video Series

Don't Trash Arizona partners with Whataburger to celebrate Earth Day

Opportunity Arizona: Success Through Career & Technical Education

MAG Video Outreach

Greater Phoenix Rising

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