Governance Charter, Policies & Procedures
2017 Rank and Review Board Presentation - Final
2017 Housing Inventory Chart AZ-502
2017 Grant Inventory Worksheet for MRCOC
2017 NOFA Rank Review Reallocation Process
2017 Point-in-Time (PIT) Local Coordinator List
2017 Updated RRH Financial Assistance Policy
2017 Adopted Roles and Responsibilities
2017 Adopted ESG and CoC Standards
2016 Housing Inventory Chart AZ-502
2016 System Performance Measures Report
2016 HUD Dashboard for AZ-502
2016 NOFA Funding Award Announcement
2016 Maricopa Regional Plan to End Homelessness
2016 Maricopa Regional CoC Order of Prioritization
2015 Housing Inventory Chart AZ 502
2014 Housing Inventory Chart AZ-502
2014 MAG Regional Continuum of Care Standards of Excellence
Continuum of Care Board Representatives