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Commitment to Air Quality


JULY 2017
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MAG, Maricopa County, and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality have an impressive record in improving the quality of our air. Below are just a few of the region’s air quality achievements.

  • The MAG region was one of the first areas in country to implement an alternative fuels program to help resolve the carbon monoxide issue.
  • The region has one of the most stringent vehicle emissions inspection maintenance programs in the country.
  • MAG is currently a cosponsor of a pilot project to implement electric vehicle charging stations in the region.
  • The region has met the federal air quality standard for carbon monoxide. The nonattainment area is now a maintenance area.
  • There have been no violations of the one-hour ozone standard since 1996. The region was also redesignated as a maintenance area for that pollutant.  There have been no violations of the .08 parts per million eight-hour ozone standard since 2004.
  • The region also meets the fine particulate standard (PM-2.5).
  • In the area of PM-10, the MAG Revised 1999 Serious Area Plan contained 77 aggressive measures to reduce dust. This Plan was one of the first in the nation and was heralded by the EPA as one of the most comprehensive plans in the country.
  • The PM-10 Plan submitted by MAG in 2007 contained another 53 aggressive measures that are in addition to the Serious Area Plan Measures.  In fact, every city and town within the nonattainment area, and Maricopa County, have implemented dust control measures to address dust pollution. A tracking report indicates the cities and towns have gone above and beyond their commitments.
  • In addition, the MAG Regional Council has allocated a total of $23.2 million in CMAQ funds over the last 10 years to purchase clean, dust-reducing street sweepers. It has allocated $28.4 million for paving unpaved roads from fiscal 2007 to 2013.
  • Since the MAG Five Percent Plan was submitted in 2007, there have been no exceedances at monitors during stagnant conditions. There were no violations of the standard in 2010.