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Environmental Director:
Lindy Bauer
Environmental Programs

Environmental Planning Program Manager:
Julie Hoffman
Environmental Programs

Air Quality Modeling Program Manager:
Taejoo Shin
Environmental Programs

The Environmental Programs division helps ensure a clean environment in the region by meeting federal and state requirements for clean air, water, and solid waste management. MAG develops air quality plans for the pollutants carbon monoxide, ozone, and particulate matter, and helps implement them region-wide. MAG also models planned transportation improvements for air quality impacts in accordance with conformity regulations. In addition, MAG develops regional solid waste and water quality plans.

Final MAG 2017 Eight-Hour Ozone Moderate Area Plan for the Maricopa
Nonattainment Area

Final MAG 2012 Five Percent Plan for PM-10

The Final MAG 2012 Five Percent Plan for PM-10 for the Maricopa County Nonattainment Area contains a wide variety of existing control measures and projects that have been implemented to reduce PM-10 and a new measure to reduce PM-10 during high risk conditions, including high winds.

Do Your Part to Control Dust Pollution

Desert living affords residents many advantages that are not available in other parts of the country.  Our Sonoran landscape provides us with beautiful scenery and an active outdoor lifestyle.  However, it is important that desert dwellers understand the responsibility that comes with living in a dry desert region.  Disturbing the desert crust can raise dust, creating health risks and air quality challenges that affect all of us.

The Maricopa region is classified as a Serious Area for dust pollution, specifically, PM-10 — particulate matter 10 microns in diameter or less — which includes small particles of dust, dirt, smoke, or soot.  If inhaled, these particles can create health problems.  By doing your part to keep dust levels low, you not only protect public health, you also help prevent serious economic penalties that can be imposed if we fail to meet federal air quality standards. You can help make a difference in the quality of air we breathe by taking a few easy steps. Please click here to watch a video on how you can help reduce dust pollution or, check out the links below to learn more!

With 18 air quality monitors throughout the Maricopa region, the air is constantly monitored for particulate matter.  You may want to find out if you live near a PM-10 air quality monitor by clicking this link for a map of monitor locations.  If you live or work near a monitor, you or your business should be especially careful to limit dust-causing activities, especially on high-wind days.

For more helpful tips and information, or to sign up for email or text notices of air quality visit  You can even download a desktop widget to help you stay connected.

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