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The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is designated as the cognizant agency for Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) transportation funding in Arizona. FHWA funding is apportioned to MAG on a cost reimbursement basis which is administered through a contract between MAG and ADOT. Renewal of the MAG-ADOT contract for FHWA funding is renewed every five years. The contract is scheduled to be renewed July 1, 2011.

A major task of the Fiscal Services Division is to prepare the Unified Planning Work Program and Annual Budget. This document, which has received awards from the Government Finance Officers Association, describes the major program activity and budget for the organization. The budget is developed and presented incrementally, beginning in January, through approval of the final budget in May. This incremental budget development process, approved by the MAG Regional Council in FY 2003, provides for early input and discussion throughout the development of the Work Program. Revenue and expenditure projections, proposed projects, staffing, and line item year-to-year comparisons are given a thorough review in a series of budget presentations to the MAG Executive Committee, MAG Management Committee, and MAG Regional Council. Relevant budget issues are also reviewed with technical committees. A budget workshop, presented each February, provides a forum for additional public involvement.

The Fiscal Services Division also coordinates an annual audit by a major accounting firm, and manages the organization's budget, expenses, leases, contracts and payroll.