Water Quality Management Planning

MAG Water Quality Management Planning

In accordance with Section 208 of the Clean Water Act, MAG was designated by the Governor to serve as the Regional Water Quality Management Planning Agency for Maricopa County. In this capacity, MAG prepares the 208 Water Quality Management Plan for the region. The 208 Plan consists of two major elements: the Point Source element and the Nonpoint Source element. The Point Source element describes the preferred wastewater treatment system to serve the needs of the region over a 20 year time period. The Nonpoint Source element mostly describes regional surface and groundwater quality, and federal and state program activities designed to control nonpoint source pollution.

The MAG 208 Water Quality Management Plan is the document used by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and Maricopa County in granting permits for wastewater treatment plants in the region. If a proposed facility is not included the MAG 208 Plan, the Plan may be modified through the 208 Amendment Process or the Small Plant Review and Approval Process. Information on these processes is available below.

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