Fiscal Year 2018-2022 Transportation Improvement Program

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a five year schedule of specific projects to be constructed across the region.

Amendments & Administrative Modifications

Click the button below to display the project changes and project listings as of the approved date.

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Calls for Projects

On August 7, 2017, MAG released a call for the following project categories: PM-10 certified street sweepers, paving of unpaved roads, bicycle and pedestrian, Pinal County Arterials/Bridge, and Safe Routes to School eligible activities. Please click on the "Current Opportunities" button to obtain project applications.

Current Calls for Projects
Past Calls and Applications

TIP Updates, Requests, and Monitoring

Please use the following files to learn about the TIP update process and to request changes to the TIP

  • Transportation Programming Guidebook
    The purpose of the Guidebook is to provide MAG member agencies background information, instructions, requirements, schedules, applications forms, and contact information for different transportation programs and requirements for the RTP and MAG TIP for FY 2018. This guidebook explains the available transportation funds, funding allocations, and projections as they relate to programming transportation projects.
  • MAG Programmming Guidelines - PDF
  • Special Project Fund Status Report (for special census reimbersment)
MAG Project Status Reports

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