Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

Regional Transportation Plan

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) provides a vision for the region’s transportation system for the next two decades. It addresses freeways and other highways, streets, transit, airports, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, freight, demand management, system management including intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and safety. The RTP’s final report from November 2003 was the result of a major planning effort initiated in 2001 and completed in late 2003. It received unanimous support from the Transportation Policy Committee and approval from MAG’s Regional Council. It has also passed the federally-required air quality conformity tests. Since then, updates to the plan have been prepared. The Final 2040 Regional Transportation Plan and Executive Summary were approved at the June 28, 2017 Regional Council meeting.

A schedule or "program" for specific projects that are being implemented (undergoing design, right of way acquisition and/or construction, or capital acquisitions for transit) in the next three to five years is found on MAG’s (TIP) page.

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