The Maricopa Association of Governments completed an update to the region’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Strategic Plan in December 2012. Since the original plan was developed in 2001, state, local agencies, transit and public safety agencies have been actively implementing various systems and infrastructure, much of which has been programmed through the MAG TIP. This Strategic Plan update shifted focus from “projects” to “programs”.

This update to the ITS Strategic Plan charts a strategic course for future ITS investments by identifying  emphasis/focus areas and resource allocation goals for each area, but does not prescribe specific projects. These focus areas and goals will be used as guidance when recommending future ITS projects that are funded with arterial ITS funds programmed through the MAG TIP.

Regional funds for ITS will be focused mainly on strategies, systems and technology applications that address issues of regional impact while still supporting local agencies in addressing local ITS program needs. The pie chart shows the recommended funding allocation targets for each of the identified ITS emphasis/focus areas.

ITS Plans Piechart

Highlights of the MAG ITS Strategic Plan include:

  • Established ITS goals and strategic priorities, with emphasis on using technology to actively manage the region’s transportation systems, seeking out cost-effective technologies and partnerships to support improved transportation system operations, and actively promoting the benefits and impacts of ITS investments to local decision makers;
  • Recommended funding allocation targets to support arterial ITS project programming through the MAG TIP;
  • Integrated safety as an important component of the region’s ITS strategy and priority focus areas;
  • Aligned the ITS program goals and objectives with the MAG Regional Transportation Plan goals; and
  • Identified a process to review and update the ITS Strategic Plan and ITS Architecture in conjunction with future TIP programming cycles.

The ITS Strategic Plan recognizes that implementing the Plan and achieving the goals established for the region will be a collective effort among all agencies in the MAG region. MAG is responsible for formal planning and project programming in the region, and the MAG ITS Committee serves an important role in prioritizing and recommending ITS projects for inclusion in the MAG TIP. However, realization of the full benefits from improved traffic operations that utilizes ITS depends entirely on agencies such as ADOT (for freeways), Maricopa County and local agencies (for arterials) that perform day to day operations.

The graphic below depicts the interaction envisioned between the various stakeholder entities involved in planning, implementing and operating ITS in the MAG region.

ITS Stakeholder Interaction Diagram

Senior Program Manager - ITS and Safety
Sarath Joshua

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