City of Buckeye Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Strategic Plan

MAG is coordinating with City of Buckeye staff to develop the City’s first ITS Strategic Plan that would help guide the agency make strategic investments in ITS infrastructure as well as equip the agency with staff to manage and operate the system. In 2012, MAG developed a document for the purpose of providing guidelines for ITS planning at smaller local agencies. The Project Team will use the MAG ITS Planning Guidelines for Smaller Jurisdictions (April 2012), as a key reference in conducting this study. Any requirements that may be unique to the City of Buckeye will also be addressed.

It is anticipated that the Plan produced through this study will be adopted by the City of Buckeye and provide input to agency planning efforts in related areas. The Plan will primarily help guide the City’s traffic management infrastructure development to improve the efficiency and reliability of the transportation system. The Plan will also provide guidance for making strategic investment decisions related to future ITS technology infrastructure. It is anticipated that the Plan will be closely linked to the general anticipated growth plan for the City. This will drive and support ITS needs over the next 10 years.

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