TThe Regional Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture describes how ITS applications in the Phoenix metropolitan region are interconnected and work. The process for defining and developing an ITS architecture must follow the National ITS Architecture (NIA). This is a national blue print established by the US Department of Transportation. The reasons for developing ITS based on a national plan are to ensure compatibility of systems and products nationwide, to have common standards and to advance new developments.

MAG developed the region’s ITS Strategic Plan in 2001. This Plan included the first definition of the Regional ITS Architecture (RIA). Since ITS is closely linked to system management and operations, MAG developed the Regional Concept of Transportation Operations (RCTO) in 2003. This was a high level transportation operations plan for the region. These important planning developments have resulted in major changes in ITS infrastructure and transportation operations. Many regional transportation developments such as the Light Rail Transit (LRT) system and the expansion of Bus Rapid Transit routes, resulted in the region’s existing ITS architecture definition being outdated. The 2008 regional ITS Architecture update makes substantial changes to reflect all existing ITS-related infrastructure as well as programmed and planned future projects. Changes and modifications that have been made to the National ITS Architecture since 2001 that are related to MAG region’s ITS development vision are included. A plan for maintaining and updating the RIA on a regular basis was also developed. With current and valid information, the RIA serves as the key reference for ITS infrastructure development in the MAG region by member agencies.