The 2015 MAG Strategic Transportation Safety Plan (STSP) was approved by the MAG Regional Council on October 28, 2015. The Plan is an update to the 2005 STSP developed by the MAG Transportation Safety Committee (TSC). The STSP identifies regional priorities, strategies, resource needs and performance indicators. The Plan establishes a unified approach for identifying and implementing solutions for key road safety issues that affect all agencies in the MAG region. The STSP development was closely coordinated, to ensure consistency, with the Arizona DOT 2014 Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP).

Next Steps

Implementation of the STSP will span a 10-year time frame from MAG fiscal year 2016 to MAG fiscal year 2025 (July 2015 – June 2025). Implementing the strategies proposed will, in some cases, require changes in investment priorities and/or organizational changes. The strategies outlined provide the greatest opportunity of achieving the three to seven percent reduction in fatalities and serious injuries.

To monitor the effectiveness of regional road safety programs and initiatives, MAG will produce an annual Transportation Safety Performance Report that includes: (1) Crash Statistics and Trends; (2) Performance in Comparison to the Safety Target; and (3) Summary of Road Safety Projects & Activities in each Action Area, including their possible impact on road safety performance. The MAG Transportation Safety Committee will continue to provide oversight to programs and projects and will guide these activities throughout the implementation time frame. Regular review of projects and programs that address these strategies will be done under the direction and recommendation of the MAG Transportation Safety Committee. This STSP will be updated on a five-year cycle.

Transportation Safety Committee

State SHSP 2014 
Zero Fatalities – What Should Be Our Goal (Video Footage Courtesy, Nevada)

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