MAG Systems Management and Operations PlanThe goal of this MAG study is to produce a Systems Management and Operations Plan that would help guide the MAG region in making strategic investments needed to expand and support: (1) essential transportation technology/ITS infrastructure components, and (2) resources essential for the efficient operation and management of critical components of the regional transportation system.It is anticipated that this Plan will identify infrastructure needs in priority corridors and also identify what may need to be done for improving operations. A fundamental premise of this approach is that, in addition to making future investments in essential ITS technology infrastructure, the region may also need to be better organized and funded to support to critical operations.

Project Oversight

Oversight for the study is provided by a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) that consists of members of the MAG Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee, leadership of the MAG Transportation Review Committee, and staff at Arizona DOT and MAG. All TAG meetings are planned to be held in conjunction with MAG ITS Committee meetings, and will include updates on study status, discussions at key study milestones and review of draft documents. The execution of each task will result in a Task Report that will document the work performed, findings and recommendations. The finalized Task Reports will serve as chapters of the Final Report.



Task 0

Project Management and Technical Oversight

Task 1

Best Practices in Urban TSM&O

Task 2

Current and Near-Term ITS Infrastructure and SM&O Practices

Task 3

Long Term Vision and Concept of SM&O

Task 4

Regional Priorities for SM&O Investments

Task 5

Initial SM&O Implementation Plan

Task 6

Data Collection, Performance Measurement and Reporting

Task 7

Framework for Annual SM&O Performance Review

Task 8

MAG SM&O Plan FY2021-2-30 Final Report & Executive Summary

Key Decision Points

The study will seek MAG review and approval at two key decision points on:

  1. The recommended methodology for establishing a hierarchy of road facilities to serve as regional priorities for SM&O investments;
  2. The Final SM&O Plan for FY2021-2030

Anticipated End Product

The adoption and implementation of the resulting Plan, by incorporating the recommendations within the TIP project programing process, is expected to result in improved safety, efficiency and reliability of the transportation system.

  • Study Cost: $299,704.03
  • Duration: 16 months - August 2016 to Nov 2017
  • Study Team: Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. is the lead consultant, assisted by the firm ICF International.

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