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JULY 2017
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The MAG Regional Community Network (RCN) Study evaluated telecommunications solutions to support multi-modal transportation efforts, which ultimately improve traffic congestion mitigation activities in the region. The RCN began in fiscal year 2001 and is a joint project of the Intelligent Transportation (ITS) Committee and Technology Advisory Group.

What were the objectives of the MAG RCN Project?

  1. Develop a design and implementation plan to support the needs of MAG member agencies and the regional business and education community for quality real-time communications.
  2. Reduce duplicative costs for the provision of voice, video and data transfer in and among MAG member agencies.
  3. Support regionally significant multi-modal transportation related activities that ultimately reduce vehicle miles traveled, relieve traffic congestion, and reduce air pollution.

What did the MAG RCN Project do?

  1. Identified the telecommunication needs to link the 27 MAG member agencies and private partners within the region.
  2. Provided an implementation plan that can be used by individual agencies to create a cohesive communication infrastructure.
  3. Provided regional guidelines on how and where to invest telecommunication resources.
  4. Widened the telecommunication possibilities within the region.

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Meetings, Agendas and Minutes
Resource Library
Project Contacts

Senior Program Manager – ITS and Safety:
Sarath Joshua

IT Manager:
Audrey Skidmore
Information Technology

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