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Traffic Volume Survey and Traffic Count Maps


MARCH 2017
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Project Overview

MAG has produced traffic count maps every two to four years since 1974. The goal of the MAG traffic count program is to have at least one traffic count for approximately every other mile section of an arterial roadway in the MAG urbanized area.

Traffic data collections included regional traffic counts in 2007 and 2008, regional intersection turning movements and approach counts in 2010, regional traffic volume and classification screen lines counts in 2011, unpaved roads and complementary volume counts in 2012 and 2013. The counts taken by the MAG member agencies were also processed and used in the count database/count map. There are about 18,000 directional mid-block counts in the database available through the MAG traffic counts data portal.

Data Products
Latest count maps:

Latest data files and database:

Data Quality Control
Various quality control checks were made to insure the data quality.

Links to Other Traffic Count Web Pages
If the traffic count for your desired location is not available, you might check out the counts taken by other MAG member agencies.

MAG Transportation Data Management System
This traffic counts data retrieval system stores the most updated traffic counts data in MAG region. It serves as a primary data management tool for region wide traffic counts information; it provides for storage, efficient management, update, analysis and retrieval of all traffic counts data available at MAG; it also provides user-friendly Web-based access to the traffic counts data for the MAG member agencies, consulting and business community, and general public.

New transportation data and data management tools will be posted on the site as a part of the ongoing site development effort.

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Project Contacts

Project Manager:
Wang Zhang
Transportation Modeling