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The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team at MAG is part of the Information Services Division.  It is the responsibility of this team to collect, update, maintain, and analyze geographic data and to prepare maps, reports, and analyses using information derived from these data.  The GIS team also provides GIS services and support to MAG staff, the MAG member agencies, and MAGIC clients.  GIS data maintained by the team includes:


  • Municipal Planning Areas
  • Traffic Analysis Zones
  • Land Use Data

  • Existing Land Use
  • Future Land Use
  • General Plan Land Use
  • Development Areas
  • Housing

  • Residential Completions
  • Multi-family housing
  • RV/Mobile Home Parks
  • Group Quarters
  • Employment Locations

    Building and Landmark Inventory

    To request data from MAG, download our license agreement at this link and return it via fax to (602) 254-6490, or  email a scan of the signed original signed agreement. Commercial requestors, please contact MAG staff directly.

    The GIS team produces numerous maps, both static and interactive. Visit the MAG Data Center to view our catalog of printable maps. Our online, interactive maps are available at our Interactive Mapping web site.



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    Project Contacts

    GIS Program Manager:
    Jason Howard
    Information Services