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Southeast Valley Transit System Study


MAY 2016
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The Maricopa Association of Governments, in cooperation with Valley Metro, is conducting the Southeast Valley Transit System Study.

The study will analyze transit services and ridership demand in transit-established and transit-aspiring communities within the Southeast Valley. The study will identify efficiencies in current and planned transit services in the study area. A key outcome will be to identify short-, mid-, and long- term recommendations to promote an integrated, demand driven, and performance-based transit system that connects the communities of the Southeast Valley and provides links to the existing and planned regional transit network.

The study will also identify a performance based, integrated, demand driven, transit system that effectively and efficiently connects areas within the Southeast Valley of the MAG Region as well as to existing and planned regional transit improvements such as high-capacity transit. Communities participating in the study are Apache Junction, Chandler, Florence, Gila River Indian Community, Gilbert, Guadalupe, Maricopa, Mesa, Phoenix, QueenCreek, Tempe and the surrounding portions of Maricopa County and Pinal County.

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Key project objectives are to:

  • Identify efficiencies and service gaps for existing and future transit services
    • Optimize existing services
    • Identify current unmet needs
    • Address changing study area conditions
  • Develop recommendations for addressing short-, mid-, and long-term transit needs
  • Investigate funding strategies and partnership opportunities

Study Area Map

Click here for a larger version of the area study map

Click here to view the Valley Metro
Southeast Valley Transit System Study


Meetings, Agendas and Minutes
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Project Contacts

Transit Planner III:
Marc Pearsall

Senior Service Planner:
Jorge Luna
Valley Metro