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JULY 2017
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The goal of this project was to develop an application that would provide travelers in the Phoenix metropolitan region another means of access to real-time traffic information for the instrumented freeways - via mobile internet devices such as cell phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). This application provides access to the same freeway coverage for real-time speed information as seen at The system also provides access to point-to-point freeway travel times that are based on current conditions.

In January 2007, Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) launched a project with the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) to develop this capability by utilizing the freeway traffic flow information gathered by the Freeway Management System. The mobile traffic information portal software and all the necessary computer interfaces have been installed at the ADOT Traffic Operations Center (TOC). A computer server provided by MAG, equipped with software developed by TTI, has been installed at the Traffic Operation Center connecting to the web server, AZ511 system and the freeway detector data FTP site.

The project has been successfully completed by TTI slightly ahead of the planned deadline of June 30, 2007. The information portal can now be accessed at the website: via internet-enabled cellular phones, PDAs and personal computers.

Users who might encounter problems accessing this information source are requested send a brief description via email to: Sarath Joshua.

DISCLAIMER:The Mobile Traffic Info’ Portal is ONLY meant to be accessed by persons not engaged in the driving task. Although access to the traffic information website is free, users may be charged by cellular or other service providers for wireless access to the internet.

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Senior Program Manager – ITS and Safety:
Sarath Joshua