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Residential Housing Unit Completions

MAG has been collecting residential housing unit completion data since 1990 from its member agencies. Each housing unit is assigned a geographic location, which enables the data to be summarized by any geographic unit. This allows MAG to use the data for many purposes including the production of population updates and projections.

Distressed Residential Properties

MAG staff obtains distressed residential property data from The Information Market on a regular basis.  MAG locates each housing unit geographically, and plots both the foreclosures and pending foreclosures on maps.  There are three maps for every time period.  The foreclosure map is all residential properties that have already been foreclosed and have not yet been purchased.  The pending foreclosure map is all residential properties that have received a letter stating the property will be foreclosed upon but has not yet been foreclosed.  The third map combines the two into "distressed residential properties." This analysis has been conducted on a quarterly basis, begun in September, 2009 and MAG will continue the quarterly production of the maps and analysis.

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