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JULY 2017
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MAG, along with ECOtality, Inc. - a leader in clean electric transportation and storage technologies - and Nissan North America, announced a zero emissions partnership on April 16, 2009, to help facilitate the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) into the MAG region. MAG is included as a partner in The EV Project - a comprehensive initiative that will collect and analyze data regarding EV use and charging infrastructure in five initial U.S. markets. The deployment of charging infrastructure will occur in major population areas including Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego, Seattle, as well as 4 major cities in the state of Oregon (i.e. Portland, Eugene, Salem, and Corvallis) and 3 major cities in the state of Tennessee (i.e. Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga). Through its zero emission partnership, MAG is helping to facilitate the introduction and implementation of a universal physical infrastructure in the region that will pave the way for greater use of any electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.



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