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Guidelines for ITS Planning in Smaller Jurisdictions


JULY 2017
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The goal of this study is to develop a document that would serve as a guideline and a template that could be readily utilized by staff at a smaller jurisdiction in the MAG region to plan and implement ITS infrastructure.  For the purpose of this study a smaller jurisdiction was defined, during the scope development stage, as one with a 2005 census population that was less than 50,000.  The document will describe an abbreviated version of the process typically followed when developing an ITS Strategic Plan.  This study addresses a growing need for technical guidance at many of the smaller jurisdictions in the region.  It is anticipated that the resulting final guidance document will be periodically updated based on user feedback.


As the population of the nation keeps increasing so does the number of towns and cities where nearly 75 percent of this population live and work. In regions of the nation that are experiencing rapid growth, communities are struggling to keep up with infrastructure needs. Many examples can be found in former small rural jurisdictions located not too far from large urban centers. These rapidly growing suburban jurisdictions have to plan and build roads, water, sewerage, schools and at the same time meet the needs of residents who often have high expectations from their transportation system. These jurisdictions could take some early steps to ensure that they build safe and efficient transportation systems that would serve their jurisdictions well into the future. Making Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) an integral part of the jurisdiction's infrastructure plan would be such a step. The implementation of such a plan could include, adopting policies such as including a standard conduit configuration in all new road construction projects OR plans to co-locate of enforcement and traffic operations in a shared facility and the sharing of communications infrastructure.


Task 1:

Project Kickoff Meeting

Task 2:

Gather Background Information

Task 3:

Guidelines for Establishing an Agency Stakeholders Group for ITS Planning

Task 4:

Process for Developing an Inventory of ITS-related Infrastructure

Task 5:

Develop a Process for Identifying Priority ITS User Services and Functions

Task 6:

Develop and Prioritize ITS Operations and Implementation Strategies

Task 7:

Develop a Plan for ITS Communications

Task 8:

Policies and Practices Related to ITS Device Location and Operation

Task 9:

Funds for ITS Capital Improvements, Operations and Maintenance

Task 10:

Staff and Training Requirements

Task 11:

Prepare Final Document and Web-based Presentation

Study Cost:  $59,901
Study Duration:  May 2011 - February 2012
Study Team:  Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

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Project Contacts

Senior Program Manager – ITS and Safety:
Sarath Joshua