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Effective Arterial Traffic Management Strategies for I-10 West Closures


JULY 2017
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This undertaking is being addressed through two MAG TSOP on-call consultant projects, working in tandem, to develop a systematic traffic management plan that would form the basis for a coordinated response to a full freeway closure that may occur, at any time, on Interstate 10 between 83rd and 35th Avenues.  All project activities are carried out in close coordination with the Arizona DOT, Arizona DPS, City of Phoenix and Maricopa County.


The Interstate 10 corridor west of Phoenix is a vital freeway corridor in the Phoenix metro region. This corridor is also part of the I-10 interstate freeway that is of national significance. Traffic operations on I-10 are frequently disrupted by traffic incidents of varying severity. The heaviest disruptions are caused by events requiring full freeway closures that cause heavy traffic congestion on and off the freeway for many hours, often leading to secondary crashes. As part of a broader Integrated Corridor Management System (ICMS) effort, this project will focus on assisting ADOT, DPS, City of Phoenix and Maricopa County in developing traffic incident management strategies and a Concept of Operations.

In the past, identifying the arterial corridors that would be severely impacted by a freeway closure has been, at best, based on the experience and engineering judgment. However, it is difficult to estimate the diverted traffic volumes anticipated along arterial streets.  This information is critical for agencies to develop effective traffic incident management strategies.  The Regional DynusT simulation model, developed by MAG, will be used to generate the likely traffic flows. These results will be utilized to develop effective traffic management strategies.

In recognizing the need for formalized inter-agency coordination, this project will generate the following required for effective incident response:

  • Develop a Concept of Operations
  • Develop draft IGAs that would describe roles and responsibilities
  • Identify infrastructure and systems needs
  • Formulate staffing strategies

TASKS for TS13-06  - Lee Engineering LLC

Task 1:

Project Kickoff Meeting and Data Collection

Task 2:

Scenario DynusT Runs and Signal Timing Strategy Development

Task 3:

Draft Diversion Signal Timing Strategy Guidance

Task 4:

Final Freeway Closure Signal Timing Strategy and Guidance

Task 5:

Project Management and Coordination Meetings

AVAILABLE BUDGET:  $ 54,264.86
TASKS for TS13-07 – Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

Task 1:

Project Kickoff Meeting

Task 2:

Final I-10 West Freeway Closure Concept of Operations

Task 3:

Identify Institutional Issues/ Develop Draft IGA(s)

Task 4:

Project Management and Coordination Meetings

AVAILABLE BUDGET:  $ 24,564.48


Both projects commenced on April 10, 2013 and are scheduled to be completed by June 2013.  Status reports on study progress will be reported at the ITS Committee meetings.

Meetings, Agendas and Minutes
Resource Library
Project Contacts

Senior Program Manager – ITS and Safety:
Sarath Joshua