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Greater Phoenix Age-Friendly Network


JULY 2017
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Aging in Place

In partnership with Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, municipalities, nonprofit agencies, faith-based entities, community groups, and residents, the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) is coordinating efforts to develop a Regional Age-Friendly Network. The purpose of the network is to identify opportunities to more fully integrate people aged 60 years plus into their communities with people of all ages.

The network draws its data and direction from extensive community engagement to identify the specific assets and needs of particular communities. This information shapes the development of pilot projects aimed at providing older adults with more choices about where and how they live with connections to their communities.

This project comes at an important time. The 65 and older population makes up 12 percent of that population, or fewer than 463,000 people. By 2020, the number of older adults will dramatically increase to 700,000 people. This significant population increase of 50 percent will require changes in the way the region meets people’s needs. This is also an unprecedented opportunity. Never before has such an educated and accomplished workforce retired. The priorities and choices people want are changing as a result.

The following projects have the same goal, to strengthen communities and support individuals by aligning the skills and knowledge of older adults with opportunities to make a difference for people of all ages. Additional information may be found at the project’s new website,

2015 Arizona Age-Friendly Network Conference, “Going Places”

Municipal Aging Services Project 2011-2012
The MAG Municipal Aging Services Project (MASP), sponsored by Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, utilized best practices research and community engagement to develop an aging services model for local governments. Extensive community engagement with more than 1,300 seniors reflected a keen desire to live independently in their homes. The outcome was development of the Municipal Aging Services Tool Kit, a resource local governments can use when considering services for people aged 65 years and more.

City Leaders Institute on Aging in Place (Round One) 2012-2013
The City Leaders Institute (CLI) on Aging in Place, is a national pilot project funded by the MetLife Foundation and staffed by Partners for Livable Communities. Based on the results of the Municipal Aging Services Project, the region focused on increasing the connections older adults have to their communities. These connections are being supported by pilot projects hosted by the City of Phoenix, Tempe Community Council, and Benevilla and Sun Health in the Northwest Valley.

Community AGEnda 2012-2014
This national pilot project is funded through a grant from the Pfizer Foundation and administered by Grantmakers in Aging. The pilot sites identified in the City Leaders Institute on Aging in Place are receiving technical assistance to develop the capacity and community support to be able to launch new age-friendly models.

City Leaders Institute on Aging in Place (Round 2) 2013-2014
The region has been invited to participate in round two of the Aging in Place City Leaders Institute (CLI). The outcome will be new strategies to meet the transportation needs of older adults in the pilot project areas.

Aging in Community Video Presentations

All Ages, One Region Conference Resources

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