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Cave Creek | Carefree Transportation Framework Study


JULY 2017
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Cave Creek Carefree Transportation Framework Approved by Both Town Councils

On December 2 and 15, 2014 the Carefree Town Council and Cave Creek Town Council approved a joint resolution to collaborate in good faith to jointly and/or individually consider the study recommendations where appropriate and feasible.

Nodes and Corridors in the study area

Residents Envision Safer, “Complete” Streets for all Users

The Cave Creek/Carefree Transportation Framework Study provides a comprehensive master plan to guide transportation development in the region with an emphasis on safety, local and regional bicycle/pedestrian linkages, and special event traffic and parking management.


The public was actively engaged in goal setting and alternatives development and selection during the 18 month study. There were more than 1,600 contacts made through workshops, surveys and public meetings. The last Public Meeting was held on September 10, 2014. The community priorities were:

  • Sense of Place – Preserve small town feel and unique character, provide a sense of entry, park once and walk around.
  • Roadway – Provide safe and well maintained streets; new roads and added lanes are not a priority.
  • Bicycle – Provide for safe biking through bike lanes to separate bicyclists from cars and pedestrians.
  • Pedestrian – Provide for safe walking through sidewalks, crosswalks, multi-use paths & pedestrian lighting.
  • Transit – Provide transit services for seniors and persons with disabilities, provide a seasonal shuttle.
  • Special Events Traffic & Parking – Provide additional special event parking.
  • Bicycle Tourism – Enhance the economic activity of current and new bicycle tourism.


Nodes and Corridors in the study area

Based on the community comments received, most community members support the proposed configurations along all major corridors in the study area. Shown: Typical roadway section: Cave Creek Road, Town of Cave Creek.

The resulting “Nodes and Corridors” concepts and recommendations satisfy the requirements of the community stakeholders and study partners.

  • Nodes: Bicycle/pedestrian friendly areas of retail and entertainment activity accommodating all modes of travel in a complete street, context sensitive environment.
  • Corridors: Roadways that connect the nodes and move traffic through the area in a complete street environment accommodating all modes of travel.
  • Intersections: Six intersections will require signalization by 2035; roundabouts are a viable option to signals.
  • Special Event Traffic & Parking: Enhance current practices with additional parking and access, bypass routes, refined manual traffic control and additional wayfinding signage.


Nodes and Corridors in the study area

Nodes and Corridors in the study area.


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Transportation Director:
Eric Anderson