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JULY 2017
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Get your FHWA federally funded project kicked off early and get additional funding to help cover the review fees. MAG and ADOT announce the new program for the MAG region, the PIP. See additional eligibility and program information below.

The Project Initiation Pool provides federal funding to MAG member agencies to pay ADOT fees to initiate the review of federally funded projects. It is open to all MAG member agencies with federally funded projects that are awarded through MAG and that are not part of the half-cent funded life-cycle programs.

The funding is available each year from October 1 through December 31. The amount of funding provided per project is $2,829 with a $171 matching requirement. This funding will be used by ADOT to assign project numbers and staff, conduct a kick off meeting, begin the development of an IGA and any other review tasks needed to clear the project for federal authorization.

To use this funding, the member agency will need to contact ADOT local government staff, sign a three page contract and provide the local match. For more details please see the documents below:

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Transportation Program Manager:
Teri Kennedy

Transportation Planner III:
Steve Tate

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