The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) produces interactive dashboards and charts that allow users to explore data for the region.


Housing Data Explorer

NEW! Housing Data Explorer

This interactive dashboard visualizes data and trends related to housing affordability for the region. It includes data on sales, apartment rent, evictions, cost-burdened households, and distressed properties (foreclosures) for select geographies.


charts and graphs with magnifying glassMAG Community Data Explorer

The MAG Community Data Explorer is an interactive dashboard that visualizes data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Users can select a geography from the dropdown menu to explore a community's demographic data including education, income, housing, and more.


Business, Jobs and Industry Explorer

This interactive dashboard visualizes data from the statewide employer database. It includes an overview of employers, jobs, and business locations, as well as information on industry clusters, key industries, and foreign-owned businesses.



charts and graphs with magnifying glassRegional Workforce Commute Explorer

This interactive dashboard visualizes commute and workforce data for Maricopa County and specific subregions. Explore data on commute modes, average trip length, and workers by industry or occupation based on where they live and work.


charts and graphs with magnifying glassWeekly Pattern in Visits

These interactive charts show the relative change in visits to points-of-interest since the beginning of March 2020, revealing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on commercial patterns, consumer behavior, and the local economy. Visualizing these trends shows what sectors of the economy were impacted by the pandemic and to what extent.