2020 Specs and Details Cases Under Consideration

Each year the MAG Standard Specifications and Details Committee reviews changes to the Uniform Standard Specifications and Details for Public Works Construction document. These changes are first reviewed in separate cases. This project page is designed to be a resource for committee members to access the most current versions of cases under consideration throughout the year. 

(Page last updated 3/05/20)

A summary of 2020 Cases with links to PDF working documents is shown in the table below:

of Case
Date Submitted

Last Revision

Case 19-04: Revisions to Section 360: Telecommunications Installation Warren White,
04/03/19 02/24/20   MCDOT
Case 19-09: New Section 626 Corrosion Coating of Sanitary Sewer Manholes Jim Badowich, Avondale,
Water/Sewer WG
07/03/19 02/24/20    
Case 19-11: Revisions to Section 611: Add Sanitary Sewer Manhole Vacuum Testing Jim Badowich, Avondale,
Water/Sewer WG
07/03/19 02/24/20    
Case 19-12: Revisions to Detail 550 Spillway Inlet and Outlet: Clarify geometry/dimensions Karl Rockwell, MCDOT 07/03/19 02/27/20    
Case 20-01:

Miscellaneous Corrections
A. Clarify “PAYMENT” note on Detail 251.
B. Change “DRAFT” to “REVISED” on Detail 505 title block.
C. Make Section 787 Gray Iron Castings match manhole frame covers. ASTM 48 Class 35 and AASHTO M306.
D. Delete unneeded tests from Tables 714-2 and 715-2. 
E. Correct typographic error in Detail 220-1, Note 1, to reference Section 340 instead of 304.​

Warren White, 
Jose Rodriguez,
Jim Badowich,
Ryan Nichols
01/08/20 03/04/20 Updated  
Case 20-02: Delete Detail 346 Fire Line Detector Check Vault Warren White 03/04/20 03/04/20    
Case 20-03: Revisions to Section 725 Portland Cement Concrete Jeff Hearne 03/04/20 03/04/20    

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