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Understanding Housing Spectrum
Understanding Housing Funding Sources
Elements of Healthy Community
Tempe Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking and Drug Abuse (9/20/18) Presentation
RX360 Program (9/20/18) Presentation
Fighting Opioid Abuse with GIS and Open Data (9/20/18) Presentation
Gilbert-Chandler Substance Abuse Task Force (9/20/18) Presentation
Year of Healthy Communities - The First 90 Days Presentation
Social Services Block Grant Draft FY 2015 Funding Recommendations, December 12, 2013
Grandfamily Economic Security Taskforce Flyer
Grandfamily Economic Security Taskforce Organization Invitation Letter
Summary Highlights of Governor's Proposed Budget reductions for 2012
Draft FY 2012 Social Services Block Grant Funding Allocations
MAG Social Services Block Grant Explanation of Draft Allocations
Human Services Funding Reduction Statement
State of Arizona Social Services Block Grant Plan 2010-2011
Summary of 2009 and 2010 Budget Cuts
Human Services Transportation Areas that Overlap in Maricopa County
FY 2010 MAG HSIP Project Recommendation
Arizona Foreclosure Prevention Task Force Seminar
SSBG Allocation Amendment
ACF's Support of Affordable Housing
Draft Legal Assistance Study Project Design
SSCB Target Group Comparison Chart
Report: MAG Conference on Housing and Transportation Human Services Coordination
2008 Homeless Street Count Municipal Summary Data
Human Services Committees Orientation Book
2007 Human Services Coordination Transportation Plan
An Exploration of the Fiscal Impact of Domestic Violence on Local Criminal Justice Systems in the MAG Region
After the Scan: West Valley Human Services Alliance Summit Executive Summary
After the Scan: West Valley Human Services Alliance Summit Full Report
Population Concentration Age 60 and Over Map (Showing Bus Routes & Light Rail)
Population Concentration Age 60 and Over Map
Food for Thought Brochure (Spanish) Comida para Pensar
Food for Thought Brochure (English)
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Sites
Earned Income Tax Credit Program Presentation
Update on Human Services Technical and Coordinating Committees
Human Services Initiatives
Human Services Coordinating Committee Members
Human Services Picture Survey (English)
Human Services Picture Survey (Spanish)
Elderly Mobility Recommendations