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We know that transportation is an important element in a successful future. The current half-cent sales tax that funds transportation in our region expires at the end of 2025.

Planning for Our Future Transportation Needs

Regional Council, Chair Message, Barney

We know that transportation is an important element in a successful future. The current half-cent sales tax that funds transportation in our region expires at the end of 2025. We are taking our first steps forward on a path to identify new transportation investments—investments that will continue to attract major businesses and connect Valley residents to the places they want to go. 

To best frame the discussion, MAG has begun important work to identify the values and issues residents care about most. We will be looking for continued input from residents, commuters, employers and other community interests to help us better understand regional priorities. (Comments can be provided at

A number of technical studies also support this work. Current MAG efforts include a plan for system management and operations, a commuter rail study, a transportation safety plan, and a regional transit study. Other studies involve freight issues and an Active Transportation Plan for a regional bicycle and pedestrian system in the Valley.

We are still at the trailhead of this important journey. We will need support from each other and our numerous partners in order to see success when we reach the final destination.

On another important note, I was impressed by the Regional Council’s show of support for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It was inspiring to see Regional Council members wearing the color purple as a unifying symbol of courage and honor to the victims and survivors of domestic abuse. An estimated 87 people lost their lives due to domestic violence in Arizona last year, with at least 53 deaths occurring in the MAG region. 

While those numbers represent a decrease in the number of fatalities in the region from the year before, they are far, far too many. And even as the number of deaths has gone down, the number of domestic violence cases overall has been going up, and has been on the rise for the last three years. I am proud of the continuing work of the MAG Regional Domestic Violence Council to respond to this issue. 

Many of our member agencies displayed purple in their communities in support of October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We need to continue to send a powerful message that there is no place for domestic violence in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, or schools.

Published October 31, 2018

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