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As thousands of children end their summer breaks and return to their classrooms, those who work as crossing guards want to make sure these children get to school safely.

Crossing Guards are Working to Keep Children Safe


As thousands of children end their summer breaks and return to their classrooms, those who work as crossing guards want to make sure these children get to school safely and they want motorists to know what the rules are on both sides of the hand-held stop signs.

In August, hundreds of school crossing guards attended Maricopa Association of Government’s (MAG) 2018 Regional School Crossing Guard Training Workshops at various locations throughout the Valley. The trainings are hosted by MAG and the cities of Mesa, Peoria, and Phoenix, with additional support from Glendale, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Surprise, and Tempe.

“In keeping with its key goal of improving transportation safety throughout the region, MAG is dedicated to ensuring the region’s children and motorists are safe,” said MAG Chair Gail Barney, mayor of Queen Creek. “The School Crossing Guard Training Workshops sponsored by MAG reflect this priority.” 

The trainings focused on essential crossing guard procedures, information on the health and welfare of guards, and resources available from police and fire departments to help the guards ensure the children’s, as well as that of their own, safety. Special sessions included a review of traffic laws regarding crosswalks, procedures that must be followed in the crosswalks, and proper equipment that guards rely on to perform their duties safely and effectively. 

An energetic team of transportation staff from MAG and eight local agency partners meet on a regular basis to plan and coordinate the workshops each year. Their goal is to provide an updated and fresh focus for the workshops and new ways to engage the attendees. 

Just as it is important for the crossing guards to know the rules, drivers are reminded to follow them. Adhere to the 15 mph speed limit, stop for crossing guards and wait until they have cleared the roadway before proceeding through a crosswalk, and always exercise caution when driving in school zones.

Published July 31, 2018

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