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If you drive on it or ride on it, it’s a pretty sure bet that MAG planned it and determined how to fund it.

New Regional Transportation Plan now under development

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If you drive on it or ride on it, it’s a pretty sure bet that MAG planned it and determined how to fund it. 

Now it’s time to make the decisions that will impact your transportation choices for decades to come.

One of the Regional Council’s responsibilities is approving and amending the Regional Transportation Plan. The plan is updated every two to four years and guides transportation planning for the next 20 years and beyond. The dedicated sales tax that has been in place for 35 years will expire in 2025. In preparation for voters to consider its renewal, MAG is developing the new Regional Transportation Plan, called “MOMENTUM.”

Mayor Jerry Weiers, Glendale“The transportation system plays a critical role in our economy and ensures a high quality of life for all residents of the MAG region,” said MAG Regional Council Chair Jerry Weiers, Mayor of Glendale. “The plan we develop will need support from the region’s residents, who will decide at the ballot box whether to fund the plan. We are rolling up our sleeves to create a transportation investment program that is sustainable, offers options, and connects people with opportunities to prosper and thrive,” he said. 

Weiers said the goal is to deliver a world-class transportation system that reflects six mission-critical goals. These goals cover safety, prosperity, responsiveness, livability, preservation (maintaining the system we already have), and mobility. 

Local governments have submitted thousands of projects for early consideration. Every project will undergo extensive screening and performance evaluation before making it into the final plan. It is a long and complex process, and public input will be welcome during the plan development. 

Mayor Kate Gallego“Together we’ve built a great transportation system, but to keep the Valley moving forward, we have more work to do. That’s why we’ve named this new plan MOMENTUM,” said Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, who chairs the Transportation Policy Committee. “We will spend the next year listening, analyzing, and deciding. We will continue to generate momentum until the final plan is complete,” she said.

With a population expected to exceed 6.2 million by 2050, Gallego said continued investment in well-planned multimodal transportation is critical. 

The screening and evaluation process is expected to continue through the end of the year. Scenarios will then be developed using different policy, funding, and what-if scenarios. A draft plan is expected to be completed by next summer. 

How You Can Help Create MOMENTUM

Published August 3, 2020