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Public poll asks drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians to improve safety planning.

Public poll asks drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians to improve safety planning


You’re backing out of your driveway, when at the last second you see a bicyclist behind you on the sidewalk. You slam on the brakes—avoiding a near tragedy. 

Unfortunately, many other drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians aren’t as lucky. With more than 280 fatal bike and pedestrian crashes in the Maricopa region last year, the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) is working on a new Strategic Transportation Safety Plan. But first, we need your help. Just fill out a short survey at

“This survey will determine how the public feels about their personal safety as it relates to walking, biking and driving in our region—or what we call the ‘culture of safety’ in the MAG region,” says MAG Chair Mark Mitchell, mayor of Tempe. “This crucial information can be used to develop a safety plan that reduces deaths and injuries on our roadways for all users.”

In 2018, there were 1,337 crashes involving pedestrians in the region, with 169 fatalities. There also were 957 bike crashes, claiming 117 lives. MAG, along with other state and regional partners, has set up a task force to develop an education and enforcement program to address bicycle and pedestrian safety.

The online survey will allow participants to place “pins” or markers on a map of areas where they have experienced safety issues when driving, walking or riding a bike. 

“The first goal is to identify concerns people have about safety and connect with their personal experiences,” says Carl Langford, chair of the MAG Transportation Safety Committee.

“Once we identify risk factors related to their experiences, we can work on finding ways to promote safe behaviors. This may be through education, enforcement, or adapting infrastructure.”

The safety team also will compare the findings to other regions and states to see how other areas have addressed similar safety concerns. The team will incorporate best practices into the safety plan. 

Published October 29, 2019


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