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He describes himself as an introvert who hates politics. But Gila Bend Mayor Christopher Riggs believes that every person should find a way to serve at some point in their life.

Gila Bend Mayor Fulfills A Call to Serve

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Above: Mayor Riggs holds a news conference with Governor Ducey and state legislators in August after a deadly flash flood in Gila Bend.

Photo: Mayor Riggs and his wife, Pat, scuba diving at Lake Pleasant.He describes himself as an introvert who hates politics. But Gila Bend Mayor Christopher Riggs believes that every person should find a way to serve at some point in their life.

“Whether that (service) be through service to the country, the state, or their community,” he says. “I have been fortunate to serve in many areas, and hope to be able to continue to serve in some way in the years to come.”

Mayor Riggs said he first ran for office to preserve the history of the community. Since becoming mayor in November 2020, challenges have included helping his community deal with the COVID pandemic and severe flooding that ravaged Gila Bend in August.

Another top priority for Mayor Riggs surrounds job and business growth.

“Moving my community in the direction of creating a diverse work force to be more attractive to prospective businesses,” he says.

Mayor Riggs says his background as a former Deputy Sheriff for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has served him well in his role as mayor.

“As a former law enforcement officer, I have an inside perspective of issues facing my community,” notes Mayor Riggs. “As Photo: Mayor Riggs displays his catch on Alamo Lake.a current energy worker, I am able to understand the capabilities of our current infrastructure and what is needed to move that into a green environment.”

When asked what he enjoys most about his job as mayor, Riggs responds, “Being able to represent the fantastic people of Gila Bend.”

Mayor Riggs says if he could offer one gift for the Valley, it would be “the courage to face the many challenges that lie ahead for all our communities.”

In his free time, Mayor Riggs enjoys outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing, exercise, and target shooting. He has served as an Arizona Hunter Education instructor and Scholastic Clay Target Program Coach with the Arizona Game and Fish department.

As for his political career, Mayor Riggs says he believes in term limits and has self-imposed a two-term limit for himself. But it may not mean the end of his public service.

“Several of my community members have asked if I would consider running for the State Legislature, and at this time, I will admit I am considering it,” he says.

Published October 5, 2021

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