Newsroom | Message from the Chair, November 2020

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When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. That proverbial phrase often is used in the face of adversity to encourage optimism.

Regional Council, Chair Message, Weiers

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. That proverbial phrase often is used in the face of adversity to encourage optimism. While COVID-19 certainly falls more into a lemon category, one positive result is that this pandemic has taught us it is possible to successfully adapt in a virtual world.  

Our daily routine now consists of electronic or virtual activities that just a few months ago we never imagined doing. One of the most important of these is finding ways to engage residents in the policy-making process when in-person meetings are not an option. Now more than ever, we are seeking the best ways to connect with our communities and communicate options for their involvement.

In recent weeks, MAG has held several virtual open houses for our transportation projects that allow visitors to participate online and virtually “walk” around a room. Using their computer, phone or tablet, residents could watch videos, view maps and information boards, listen to presentations, and provide comments. We continue to stream all of our public meetings on YouTube and accept written comments for any meeting at

In many ways, these virtual options have allowed us to expand our outreach to those who in the past may not have had the time or ability to come in person to a public meeting. We will continue to make these options available even when it is safe to meet again in person.

This online outreach will assist local elected leaders in completing the most significant transportation planning effort to take place in our region in 20 years — the development of the next long-range Regional Transportation Plan. This plan will guide major investments in our roadways and public transit systems for the next 20 years and beyond. 

We know that the Valley’s rapid growth is stressing our transportation infrastructure. Maricopa County is the nation’s fastest growing county for the third year in a row; between now and 2050, the region’s population is expected to grow by more than two million. For us to create a plan that serves your needs, we need to hear about what matters to you.  We ask that you join the conversation by going to and tell us about your vision for our future and how your personal transportation priorities fit in.

Continuing to plan for and invest in our regional transportation system is critical. And just as we are holding true to our mission of serving residents, we need your help in deciding the best ways to direct future investments. Your voice is more important now than ever. 

Published October 29, 2020