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Our region is not only strong, it is resilient. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we continue to find ways to persevere. Improving the quality of life of our region is at the heart of MAG’s work.

Message from the Chair, September 2021

Regional Council, Chair Message, Giles

Our region is not only strong, it is resilient. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we continue to find ways to persevere. Improving the quality of life of our region is at the heart of MAG’s work. It is my honor to have been selected to help lead these efforts as MAG chair. As I noted when elected in June, I outlined three key priorities for the year.

Momentum logoWe have made significant progress on the first priority, which is finalizing the MOMENTUM long-range regional transportation plan. A draft plan has been developed and is undergoing an air quality conformity analysis. We are currently receiving public input on the final plan. The goal will be to seek a continuing of funding received through Proposition 400. This funding represents a significant revenue source that allows MAG to carry out its important mission of improving the transportation system. It keeps all of us moving safely and serves an important role in economic development and prosperity.

A second important priority is the regional work being done to address homelessness. The diligent cooperative work being done in this area includes developing regional homelessness strategies and developing specific actions for implementation. It is critical that we develop a strong infrastructure to address homelessness regionally. While every community comes into this work from a different place with different access to resources, we can all be part of the solution.

A third critical priority for me surrounds Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. MAG has adopted Policy Principles that highlight our commitment to prohibiting discrimination in the planning and delivery of our programs and initiatives. MAG is a forum—for governments, stakeholders, and the public—that works to serve our communities and seeks to improve the quality of life for ALL of our residents. We must have these issues always at the top of our mind in making regional policy decisions.

Our collaborative efforts are continuing in these and other important areas. We are currently working on activities surrounding Domestic Violence Awareness Month. During an upcoming news event we will highlight issues surrounding older adult abuse, which affects thousands of older adults in Arizona each year. MAG and its many partners have recently updated the Vulnerable Adult Protocol to a statewide focus, outlining best practices for law enforcement, prosecutors, victim services providers, and offender intervention providers. We will continue to work on holding offenders accountable and working to offer resources to survivors.

I am proud of MAG for its innovative and collaborative approach to address the many important issues before us. Together, we will continue to strive to create a thriving, competitive and vital region that is a great place for all of us to live.

Published September 28, 2021

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