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Mayors Skip Hall, Cathy Carlat, and Christian Price are quoted in the Voices From the Council feature of the August 2019 MAGAZine newsletter.

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Mayor Skip HallArizona is poised to attract so many quality employers with our business-friendly environment. In Surprise, we are following the AIMS Strategy (Advanced Manufacturing, Innovation, Medical Travel and Signature Retail) in our recruitment efforts and we are seeing success. The skilled workforce is here with a desire to work close to home; and residents are hungry for new retail options across the Valley.  
—Surprise Mayor Skip Hall


Mayor Cathy CarlatThe city of Peoria has enacted a Texting While Driving ordinance to begin the all-important process of educating the public on the facts and consequences of this deadly distraction. By the time this ordinance translates to the law of the land, Peoria residents will be fully aware of the dangers directly attributed to the single activity of taking your eyes off the road to send or read a text. Throughout our nation, too many lives are senselessly lost from distracted driving, and we’re ready to raise the bar on safe driving.
—Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat


Mayor Christian PriceGreat transportation corridors are the key to great economic development, and in turn these fabulous roadways make our quality of life better.
—Maricopa Mayor Christian Price, in celebratory remarks at the SR-347 overpass grand opening ceremony.

Published July 29, 2019


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