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Quotes from Regional Council members thanking those on the front line fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Say Thank YouThe Maricopa Association of Governments has created a thank you page for those on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, including healthcare workers, first responders, state and local government leaders, and to all of the residents of our region who are doing their part to keep themselves and others in the community safe. Below are a few of the comments collected from our Regional Council members. To find out how you can add your thank you, click here.


Mayor Cathy CarlatThe COVID-19 pandemic unfolded quickly, drastically shifting every aspect of our lives. As we continue to adjust to the aftermath created by this virus, I want to express my gratitude for Arizona’s first responders, medical personnel, and all who have kept the food and supplies moving, in spite of personal risk. These heroes have worked tirelessly to serve and protect our communities.
—Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat

Mayor Skip HallThe words “thank you” to front line responders of COVID-19 don’t seem sufficient. How do we articulate our deepest gratitude for your heroic efforts during this time of uncertainty and fear? We will forever be indebted to our public safety departments, our healthcare workers, our grocery store employees and food pantry volunteers, the truck drivers ensuring our supply chain, and government employees diligently working to reassure the public. THANK YOU for your bravery and for risking so much to help preserve our public health.
—Surprise Mayor Skip Hall

Mayor Thomas SchoafI know everyone joins in thanking each of our first responders, nurses, doctors and medical personnel for manning the front lines in the defense of our neighbors’ lives, particularly in light of many times not having the PPE (personal protective equipment) needed to properly protect yourselves—thank you for your courage.
—Litchfield Park Mayor Thomas Schoaf

Mayor Alexis HermosilloThanking our first responders is so important during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. Our first responders are on the front line every day and we are very grateful for everything they do! El Mirage was contacted by a regional manager from Kentucky Fried Chicken who wanted to provide meals for our first responders to show their appreciation of these everyday heroes. El Mirage Police Officer Teron Clay accepted the generous donations in appreciation of all El Mirage first responders. 
—El Mirage Mayor Alexis Hermosillo

Mayor Georgia LordWe are truly living through unprecedented times and our residents, businesses and cities are being tested like never before. In the city of Goodyear, and throughout our region, we may be socially distant, but we remain together in our resolve to confront this challenge. We are collaboratively finding innovative ways to conduct city business so we can continue to provide exceptional service for our residents. Throughout the city of Goodyear, region and state, there are countless examples of city staff, residents and businesses stepping up to serve our communities—no matter what the challenge. Through the MAG framework, none of us stand alone, we are resilient, and we will get through this together.
—Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord

Published April 16, 2020


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