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Mayors Cathy Carlat, Jay Tibshraeny, Sharon Wolcott, and Anna Tovar, as well as Supervisor Denny Barney are quoted in the Voices From the Council feature of the November 2018 MAGAZine.

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As the fastest growing county in the nation, Maricopa County has experienced unprecedented growth in the past decade. As we plan for how we will meet the transportation infrastructure needs of our growing and expanding region, it is imperative that we listen to our constituents and incorporate their interests in the planning process of the Prop 400 extension plan.
—Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat 

I recently had the honor of being named one of the 25 Fittest Mayors in America by I believe as community leaders, we must all stress the importance of wellness in our cities and proactively work to provide the amenities and resources for a healthier region.
—Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny

Our residents recently engaged with us in drafting a Transit Feasibility Plan that will help shape our city’s transportation future. Their input was invaluable. We look forward to working with MAG as we move forward, taking a holistic view in identifying transportation improvements that will support those across the Greater Phoenix Metro Area.
—Surprise Mayor Sharon Wolcott

Maricopa County works with dedicated and experienced partners across the Valley to provide critical services to those experiencing homelessness. This holiday season, I hope you’ll join us in healthy giving that considers what’s best for the community and the individual and which can help change lives for the long term.
—Maricopa County Supervisor Denny Barney

Diversification of sustainable revenue sources, innovation, business attraction and retention, and responsible growth are essential to the achievement of a balanced economy. Paseo de Luces in Downtown Tolleson combines award-winning public art, walkability, music and free Wi-Fi into a sense of place that serves as a microcosm of diversity and helps make Tolleson recession proof. 
—Tolleson Mayor Anna Tovar

Published October 31, 2018


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