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Thousands Respond to Survey to Plan the Region’s Transportation Future.

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We asked.

The region answered. 

Now, the work begins.

More than 9,100 people who live or work in the Maricopa County region answered the call to complete a 10-minute survey on what they value about our regional transportation system. Their opinions will play a key role in creating the next long-range transportation plan, Imagine. 

“We asked them about what’s important to them,” noted MAG Chair Gail Barney, mayor of Queen Creek. “The answers we received will help plan the transportation system that will serve the region for the next 30 years and guide billions of dollars of investments into our infrastructure.” 

The survey will show what values are most common among Valley residents. MAG will look at how those values can be used in future transportation planning. A primary focus of MAG is to develop the next Regional Transportation Plan, a long-term blueprint of the region’s transportation system. The Plan, aptly named Imagine, will look at roads, public transit, bikeways and pedestrian improvements. 

“This system isn’t only for us, it also is for our kids and grandkids, the future generations who will be using this system and calling this place home. It is our responsibility to be forward thinking,” said Mayor Barney.

Developing a long-range Plan is one thing, but fulfilling it will depend on future transportation funding. Much of the region’s transportation revenue comes through Proposition 400, a half-cent sales tax for transportation that will expire in 2025 if not extended by voters.

“As the fastest-growing county in the country, we face challenges when it comes to moving people now and in the future,” said MAG Transportation Policy Committee Chair Jenn Daniels. “We are grateful that so many individuals took time out of their busy schedules to complete the survey and help us better understand their needs. This will help us develop a Plan that is based on the goals and priorities that our most important to our residents.”

Although the formal survey opportunity has ended, MAG always welcomes transportation input through its website at

Published May 2, 2019


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