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PHOENIX (March 5, 2019)—Seeing red from your daily commute?
March 5, 2019

Your Vision = Our Future

MAG Launches 10-Minute Survey to Plan the Region’s Transportation Future

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PHOENIX (March 5, 2019)—Seeing red from your daily commute?

Whether it’s red taillights or the red haze of frustration, 10 minutes is all it takes to tell us how we can improve your daily commute. The answers will help plan the transportation system that will serve the region for the next 30 years and guide billions of dollars of investments into our infrastructure.

MAG is asking individuals who live or work in the Maricopa County region to complete a survey about what they value about our regional transportation system. Their opinions play a key role in creating the next long-range transportation plan, Imagine.

"This survey asks people what they value most, and allows them to tell us their transportation priorities,” said MAG Chair Gail Barney, mayor of Queen Creek. “We want them to imagine how they want to get around in the future."

MAG will use the survey results to help develop plans for future roads, public transit, bikeways and pedestrian improvements.

A primary focus of MAG is the development of the next Regional Transportation Plan and the associated planning for the extension of the half-cent sales tax to expand, improve and enhance our region's transportation infrastructure. A regional transportation plan is a long-term blueprint of a region's transportation system.

"This system isn't only for us, it also is for our kids and grandkids, the future generations who will be using this system and calling this place home. It is our responsibility to be forward thinking," said Mayor Barney.

The online survey takes approximately 10 minutes. The survey will be available through the end of March at: Participants who complete the survey are eligible to win raffle prizes ranging from $100 gift cards to personal electronics, and a $1,000 Grand Prize.

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