On February 20-22, 2019, a delegation of elected officials from Arizona participated in a regional economic mission to Mexico City. Their goal was to continue to stimulate economic development with Arizona's top trading partner and build a relationship with Mexico City. One of the ways the MAG team wanted to accomplish this was to continue supporting important commerce corridors that connect Arizona and Mexico.

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Mexico City Arizona Flags

Photo Gallery

The Arizona delegation arrives in Mexico
Marco Lopez and
Donna Kennedy Joel Navarro
Susana Martinez, Natalia Perez, Rodrigo Cervantes, Marco Lopez, Karin Jimenez, Councilman David Luna and Linda Buzali
Levi Gibson, Glendale Councilman Ray Malnar, José Pablo Martinez, Linda Brady, Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans, Gail Jackson, Jaye O’Donnell, Councilman Navarro, Councilman Luna, Karin Jimenez, Susana Martinez
Nathan Pryor Levi Gibson
Ariel Picker
David Luna
Felipe Munro, José Pablo Martinez, Lori German, Jay O’Donnell, Nathan Pryor, Councilman Navarro, Karin Jimenez, Levi Gibson, Unknown, Linda Brady, Donna Kennedy, Natalia Perez, Councilwoman Clorinda Erives, Susana Martinez, Tolleson Mayor Anna Tovar, Councilman Luna, Unknown, Councilman Malnar, Linda Buzali, Jessica Martinez, Unknown
Isabella Cascarano and Paul Oliva
Paola Iza, Councilman Luna, Maki Teramoto, Susana Martinez, Nathan Pryor
Luis Ramirez, Councilman Ray Malnar, Karin Jimene
Javier Zamora
Sheet Metal and Insulation
Richard Erzo
Ricardo Erazo, Paul Oliva

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