Continuum of Care Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is rooted in the Continuum of Care vision, mission, and values. Using data and equity as the driving focus, the CoC will focus on Regulatory Roles & Oversight; System Performance Measure Improvement; Monitoring, Evaluation & Technical Assistance; and Communication, Coordination, & Strategy. Together, these actions can strengthen the regional approach to address homelessness.

Regulatory Roles & Oversight

Guided by the HEARTH Act and ongoing input, the Continuum of Care reviews policies, procedures, and best practices as well as completes activities as required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. In order to complete these activities, the Continuum of Care comprises a diverse array of stakeholders and partners.


This quarter, the Continuum of Care:

System Performance Measures

System Performance Measures (SPMs) are determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a way to assess progress for Continua of Care across the nation. To improve these measures, the Continuum of Care has identified various activities to improve performance. The Continuum of Care tracks each of the system performance measures with yearly data submitted to HUD for October 1 through September 30, but also quarterly data over the past year.


Monitoring, Evaluation & Technical Assistance

Continuous improvement of the homeless response system is critical to ensuring that we can work to address homelessness effectively. Training and technical assistance are vital components to increase coordination, understanding, and skills throughout the system.


Communication, Coordination & Strategy

The Continuum of Care continues to expand and respond to the needs of the community and stakeholders. We encourage community partners to get involved to help address homelessness. In the past quarter, the Continuum of Care has:

  • Approved CoC Communications Plan including the launch of CoC Social Media, Communications toolkit, and Communications Listserv.
  • Created a Shelter Bill of Rights from a clients lens and a contract lens.
  • Launched the regional public education campaign to increase support for affordable housing including a toolkit for stakeholders.
  • Created one-pagers to track the progress of Pathways Home and the Strategic Plan.