Continuum of Care Progress

The Maricopa Regional Continuum of Care is continuously working to strengthen our community's response to homelessness. For monthly updates on ongoing CoC efforts, subscribe to the CoC Newsletter today or learn more about each of the CoC Collaboratives.

CoC Governance Activities

In accordance with the HEARTH Act and the framework set by the Governance Charter, the CoC seeks to enhance coordination among our stakeholders.

Recently Approved Documents:

Upcoming Membership Recruitments:

  • Lived Experience Collaborative: April
  • Youth Action Collaborative: April

Strategic Plan Activities

The Strategic Plan guides the CoC's efforts to reduce homelessness in our community. This section details recent community accomplishments.

Increase Data Access and Quality

  • The Data Collaborative and Data Insights Workgroup continue to coordinate with AzHAC on data analysis, including how changes to the Coordinated Entry Evaluation tool affect outcomes.
  • The Non-HMIS Agency and Data Quality workgroups were formed to increase community utilization of HMIS and the quality of data entered.

Increase Awareness and Understanding

  • Users in the CoC Learning Gateway have increased by 92% since January 2024.
  • A Homelessness 101 training was developed as a resource for external partners.
  • An application to the HUD Youth Homelessness System Improvement grant was submitted.
  • The Shelter Bill of Rights was approved and distributed to shelter providers.

System Performance Measures

Much of the Strategic Plan is focused on improving the region's System Performance Measures, which are a set of metrics used by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to assess progress for Continua of Care across the nation.

Reduce First Time Homeless

Reduce Length of Time Homeless

  • The Connecting to Systems of Care Workgroup developed resources regarding flex funding for RRH programs to increase opportunities for coordination within the homeless response system.

Increase Job and Income Growth

Increase Successful Exits

Reduce Returns to Homelessness