Homelessness Trends

Homelessness Trends Report

Every quarter, the MAG Homelessness Trends Report provides a snapshot of the trends in the population experiencing homelessness in Maricopa County. The report includes the number of people experiencing homelessness and more detailed information on demographics, subpopulations, and programs. The report includes data from the Maricopa Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) unless otherwise noted.

Actively Homeless

Actively Homeless Households are households that recently engaged with homeless service providers in Maricopa County during the month listed. This is a national best practice standard for understanding who is experiencing homelessness in our community.

Chart data of actively homeless households July - September 2022

Top Takeaways from the Report

  1. There are a total of 5,623 households experiencing homelessness. Since September of 2021, the number of households experiencing homelessness has increased by 9%.

  2. Of the 5,623 households, 627 households are families with minor children. These households encompass 2,367 people. Since September of 2021, the number of families experiencing homelessness has decreased by 5%.

  3. The other 4,994 households are made up of adults. These households encompass 5,266 people. Since September of 2021, the number of singles experiencing homelessness has increased by 11%.

  4. More people continue to experience homelessness for the first time. In September, 975 households experienced homelessness for the first time compared to 1,020 new households in September of 2021, a decrease of 4%.

  5. Not enough people are exiting homelessness fast enough. In September, 501 found housing. However, this represents 51% of the new people coming into the system.