Homelessness Trends

Homelessness Trends - System Flow Synthesis Report

The System Flow Synthesis highlights trends in the population experiencing homelessness as well as the system performance measures in Maricopa County. The report includes the number of people experiencing homelessness, demographic information, subpopulation information, and programmatic information. The report is produced on a quarterly basis. All data comes from the Maricopa Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) unless otherwise noted.

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Actively Homeless

Actively Homeless households are households that recently engaged with homeless service providers in Maricopa County. This is a national best practice standard for understanding who is experiencing homelessness in our community.

Chart data of actively homeless households January - March 2022

New to the System

New to System is defined as households that are experiencing homelessness for the first time

Chart data of homeless households new to the system January - March 2022

Housing Placements

Housing Placements is defined as households that move into homeless permanent housing programs.

Chart data of homeless households in housing placements January - March 2022