Homelessness Trends

Homelessness Trends Report

Every quarter, the MAG Homelessness Trends Report provides a snapshot of the trends in the population experiencing homelessness in Maricopa County. The report includes the number of people experiencing homelessness and more detailed information on demographics, subpopulations, and programs. The report includes data from the Maricopa Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) unless otherwise noted.

Top Takeaways from the Homelessness Trends Report, Q2 2023

  1. There are more people entering homelessness than leaving homelessness. From July 2022 – June 2023, there were 19 new people experiencing homelessness for every 10 people finding housing.

    Q2 2023: 19 new people experiencing homelessness for every 10 people finding housing
  2. Over the past year, 28,603 unique people have been served through street outreach, emergency shelter, and transitional housing.

  3. There is still a significant number of new people entering homelessness each month. In June, 1,019 households experienced homelessness for the first time, averaging 970 households over the last year.

  4. Breakdown of people experiencing homelessness:

    Q2 2023: Single/Couple: 5,711 households,  5,959 people; Family: 636 households, 2,441 people

Actively Homeless

Actively Homeless Households are households that recently engaged with homeless service providers in Maricopa County during the month listed. This is a national best practice standard for understanding who is experiencing homelessness in our community.

Chart data of actively homeless households April - June 2023