MAG has created a variety of reports and interactive data tools regarding employment in the region, including a map viewer and dashboard for the statewide employer database.

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Arizona Employer Map Viewer

The Arizona Employer map viewer is an interactive mapping tool that shows statewide employment data including businesses, jobs, key industries, and industry clusters. The viewer includes reporting tools that summarize the data based on selected geography and allow a user to create custom queries.
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Business, Jobs, and Industry Explorer

This interactive dashboard visualizes data from the statewide employer database. It includes an overview of employers, jobs, and business locations, as well as information on industry clusters, key industries, and foreign-owned businesses.
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Business, Jobs, and Industry Highlights

These infographics summarize key data from the statewide employer data- base in a downloadable PDF report. It includes the total number of businesses and jobs, top ten employers, foreign direct investment, and more.
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Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign direct investment (FDI) contributes to economic growth through jobs and investment in the region. MAG has developed a variety of infographics that highlight FDI in the Phoenix metro area.
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Socioeconomic Projections

MAG produces long-range population and employment projections for the region. These projections are by municipal planning area (MPA), incorporated jurisdiction, and regional analysis zone (RAZ).
Robust transportation infrastructure and data tools help the region compete more successfully in the global marketplace. In this short video, see how MAG is planning a future with better jobs and an economy for all.