Arizona and Phoenix MSA’s Export Economy

Arizona has a strong export economy, with the Phoenix Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) accounting for 59% of the state’s exports.

An overview of exports for Arizona and the Phoenix MSA are provided in this Export report: Infographic or this Export report: Accessible Document.

Arizona and Phoenix MSA's Export Economy infographic

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The total value of Arizona's exports in 2022 was $27.3 billion. In 2022 the Phoenix MSA ranked 27th out of 384 metropolitan areas in the United States for total exports, up from ranking 28th in 2020. The total value of Arizona's exports in 2021 was $24.1 billion, and $14.2 billion for the Phoenix MSA. The top 3 countries Arizona and the Phoenix MSA exported to were Mexico, Canada, and China. The map below shows the top 5 countries the Phoenix MSA exported to in 2021.

Top 5 Countries Phoenix MSA exported to in 2020

The Phoenix MSA's exports have grown 52% from 2010 to 2021. There was a 28% increase in exports from 2020 to 2021. The Phoenix MSA contributes 41% of its exports to Free Trade Agreement Markets.

Phoenix MSA Total Exports by Year

The top export category from the Phoenix MSA is computer and electronic products, valued at $5.2 billion, followed by $2.8 billion of transportation equipment. The graphic below shows the Phoenix MSA's Top 4 Export Categories.

Top 10 Exports from Phoenix MSA
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