MAG Regional Transportation Demand Management Study

Together with partner agencies and stakeholders, MAG is looking at ways to improve and increase transportation options. The MAG region has experienced significant growth in size and population over the past few decades – encompassing approximately 2.1 million people in Maricopa County in 2000 and growing to include over 4.8 million people and expanding into northern Pinal County by 2020. As seen in other areas of the country, rapid population growth can cause significant strain on the regional transportation infrastructure, leading to worsening traffic congestion and air quality.

What is Transportation Demand Management (TDM)?

TDM provides travelers with more travel options to improve the efficiency of the transportation system — leading to improved mobility, reduced congestion, and lower vehicle emissions. TDM uses strategies like educational programs, incentives and pricing, policies, and investment in small-scale infrastructure to inform and encourage travelers to make choices that efficiently meet their travel needs.

Study Objectives

The study will:

  1. Analyze current travel patterns.
  2. Consider the major factors contributing to congestion.
  3. Evaluate potential strategies to manage growing demand and create more resiliency within the transportation system.

This study will result in a comprehensive and coordinated set of strategies to address the region's transportation challenges, improve air quality, and make the region a more sustainable place to live and work. The outcome will be a range of recommendations for improving mobility and expanding transportation options.


Regional Transportation Demand Management Study timeline
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