ITS Planning Guidelines for Small Cities and Towns

The goal of this study was to develop a document that that could be used by staff in smaller jurisdictions in the MAG region to plan and implement Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) infrastructure. A smaller jurisdiction was defined as having a population under 50,000. In regions of the nation that are experiencing rapid growth, communities are struggling to keep up with infrastructure needs. Many examples can be found in former small rural areas located near large urban cities. These rapidly growing suburban areas must build roads, water, sewerage, schools and at the same time meet the needs of residents who often have high expectations from their transportation system. These small areas could take early steps to ensure that they build safe and efficient transportation systems that would serve their residents well into the future. Making ITS an integral part of the infrastructure plan would be such a step. The enactment of such a plan could include adopting policies such as having a standard conduit configuration in all new road construction projects. Other policies could be planning to co-locate of law enforcement and traffic operations in a shared facility and the sharing of communications infrastructure.