About the Data and MAG


Transportation Performance Program

In order to make better, data-driven decisions, MAG has redeveloped its Transportation Performance Program to better meet the shifting demands of today’s transportation needs.

The program continues to revolve around its two main functions:

  • To meet federal requirements for performance measurement.
  • To assist MAG in project evaluation and prioritization.

The first item requires collaboration with our transportation partners and is guided by a variety of federal statutes outlined in Appendix A. The second requires coordination with our member agencies and many divisions within MAG. Both elements require large datasets and a comprehensive understanding of their use and limitations. Background on the datasets used by the Transportation Performance Program can be found below.

MAG’s performance measurement program began in earnest in 2008 with the development of the Performance Measurement Framework and Congestion Management Update Study. Prior to that, performance-like activities were still conducted though in a less formalized fashion. A comprehensive history of performance measures at MAG can be found below.

The System Performance Report

The goal of this document is to provide a brief report on the performance of the existing transportation system within the MAG region. Information about the system will be provided at multiple scales and for various modes in an attempt to provide a holistic picture of transportation within the region. Our goal is to be both thorough and comprehensive while focusing on the larger transportation picture.